Sam/Jack wallpapers and such made for the GateWorld forum
by Samantha-Carter-is-my-muse

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Wallpapers and such made for Shipsgiving 2013:

GateWorld forum link: Shipsgiving 2013: A Sam/Jack Celebration!

Faraway so close

01: "Faraway so close" in Death Knell


Wasn't I just...

02: "Wasn't I just..." in The Nox


Watching Sam's back

03: "Watching Sam's back" in Out of Mind


Come here

04: "Come here" in Heroes, part 2


There's that

05: "There's that" in Evolution, part 2


When do you leave

06: "When do you leave" in Evolution, part 2


I want you

07: "I want you" in The Broca Divide


The look of love

08: "The look of love" in Zero Hour